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Die Mounted Cam Unit SDCHL

Developed for High Tensile Material Applications

In Comparison to SKCA 100-60:
•Working Force ― 3.3 times more, featuring 10tonf Working Force
•Returning Force ― Four times more with nitrogen spring
•Mounting surface 170 mm
•Ease of assembly with exposed cam slider

VALCAM 200,300,400

New cam widths added:200mm,300mm,and 400mm

The new widths cover larger areas. Piercing of multiple holes or trimming and piercing can be done at the same time.

Burr Reduction Cam Unit : VALCAM-HT

Thrust load transferred from trimming gets offset within the cam unit.

•Capable to withstand thrust load from all directions, right and left, up and down.
•Thrust pad no longer needed in the die.
•Space saving

Cam unit that can avoid interference with panel : LONG BODY CAM

Easier to work on hard-to-access areas

•Avoid interference with panels
•Shorter process time
•Sufficient width for scrap
•Better disassembility for cam slider

Cam unit that can avoid interference with panel : LONG LEG CAM

Easy access to higher location of hole piercing even if
hole piercing is much higher than the lowest position of
the panel.

•The lowered cam driver position contributes to no interference with the panel.
•Unique design of this cam contributes to more compact tooling design and contributes to less machining time.

Anti-burr/Anti-chip Cutting unit : Floating Cutter

NO more burrs and chip during trim scrap cut operations

•Open space around the cutter
•Off-set structure
•Easy to adjust the assembly with the upper cutting blade.
•Simple Structure: Better Maintainability
•Durabillity: up to 500,000cycles
Floating Cutter


Weather-resistant Urethane Spring

•Resistant to high temperature humidity
•Minimal distortion thruout the life of the product
•Minimal loss in load

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