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Advantages of oilless sliding materials

Achievement of lubrication without oil

Sankyo's products will show great performance in operations where it is difficult to lubricate, such as, underwater applications, high or low heat applications and when there are harsh chemical conditions. in operations .Using Sankyo`s products can help eliminate the need for complex designing of lubrication systems. Sankyo components perform ideally in high load - low speed applications.

Solution to friction problems

Since the products are self-lubricating, there are no problems of non-lubrication because of neglect or shortage of lubricant due to failure of a lubrication system. Sankyo's products show excellent lubrication effect under high load or low speed sliding. Problems such as scoring or seizure can be prevented.

Reduction of maintenance and longer component life

Daily lubrication maintenance work is not required. As at there is no abnormal wear at the product application. Maintenance can be easily performed. Life at the sliding area can be greatly extended. This can help achieve planned production output.

Elimination of oil contamination

Since lubrication is not required, there is no oil contamination on or around the machine unit. Appearance is not degraded and it is advantageous in maintenance. In addition, problems such as low work efficiency, slip accident or foul odor due to oil can be eliminated.

Achievement of total cost reduction

Since lubrication design is not required, the design hours can be reduced. Also there will be noticably less wear on the oilless components. Lubrication during operation of the machine is not required. Maintenance hours and lubricant costs can be greatly reduced.

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