SANKYO History
  1964 Sankyo Oilless Industry established in Fuchu City, Tokyo to manufacture and sell oilless metals and machine parts
  1969 Successful development of solid lubricants and wear resistant alloy (SO alloy), commencement of manufacturing and sales
  1970 Incorporated as a joint-stock company under the name“SANKYO OILLESS INDUSTRY,INC.”
Successful development of oilless wear plate for stamping dies, commencement of manufacturing and sales
  1971 Head office and plant relocated to Miyoshi-cho, Fuchu City
  1973 Nagoya Branch opened
  1977 Commencement of operations at newly built plant in Nisshin-cho, Fuchu City, Tokyo
  1978 Hiroshima Branch opened
Osaka Branch opened
  1981 SANKYO OILLESS Industry GmbH established in Germany
  1983 Completion of plant extensions to house R&D operations
  1984 The latest and most advanced Machining Centers installed to increase productivety
  1986 Completion of Phase 2 of construction at the Otsuki Plant
Gunma Branch and Kyushu Branch opened
  1987 Shizuoka Branch opened
SANKYO OILLESS Industry (USA) Corp. established in U.S.A.
  1991 Start of operations at the newly built Yamagata Plant in Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture
  1992 SANKYO OILLESS Indústria Portugal, Lda. established in Portugal
SANKYO OILLESS Industry, spol. s r.o. established in Czech Republic
  1995 Merger of the Fuchu Plant and Otsuki Plant, operations centralized at the Otsuki Plant
  1996 SANKYO OILLESS Makine San Tic. Ltd. established in Turkey
  1999 ISO9001:1994 certification obtained for the Yamagata Plant
  2001 ISO9001:1994 certification obtained for the Otsuki Plant
  2004 Engineering divisions established at Otsuki Plant and Yamagata Plant, ISO9001:2000 certification obtained for all three manufacturing divisions
SANKYO OILLESS Industry (Asia) Co., Ltd. established in Thailand
SANKYO OILLESS Industry (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. established in China
  2009 ISO14001:2004 certification obtained
  2014 VALCAM™ Series automotive press die cam units selected as the winner of mechanical component section of the 2014 Ultra Manufacturing Component Grand Prize
  2017 Completion of construction and start of operations at new plant of SANKYO OILLESS Makine San. Tic. Ltd. Sti in Turkey
  2018 SANKYO OILLESS Trading (Asia) Co., Ltd. established in Thailand
  2019 SANKYO OILLESS Industry do Brasil Eireli established in Brazil
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