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Sankyo Oilless Industry, Inc. Web site Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets forth the policy for handling the personal information we collect from each user (“User”) using information providing service by Sankyo Oilless Industry , Inc. (“Our company”) through this Web site

1. Purposes of Use of Personal Information

Our company will use the personal information collected from User through this web site for the following purpose;

Provision of our product & service information and use of this web site by User:

  • (i) Personal authentication on or after login when you use this web site as a registered User;
  • (ii) Automatic display of information registered by Users (the "Registration Information") on various screens for browsing and/or correcting, or for confirmation of the usage status of the Services (the "Usage Status");Automatic display of information registered by Users (the “Registration Information”);
  • (iii) For the transfer of registration information to other services based on User instructions;
  • (iv) For confirmation of inquiries through this website and sending of various emails;
  • (v) For sending catalogs based on User instructions;
  • (vi) For response to inquiries from Users, or for inquiries from Our company to Users;
  • (vii) To respond to Users who violate the terms and conditions of this website;
  • (viii) Provision of personal information to Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies (as provided for in this web Company-Global network) (“Subsidiaries”) in accordance with Section 5. Disclosure of Personal Information;

There may be cases in which personal information is used for a purpose not provided for above. In such event, we shall obtain User's agreement in advance.

2. Acquisition of Personal Information

Our company acquires information about Users in the following cases to the extent necessary for providing the Services. Please note that the following cases are examples only and some of them may not fall under personal information depending on the content thereof.

  • (1) When User registers personal information with this website
    User is requested to disclose personal information including his/her "organization, type of industry, country of residence, name, e-mail address" and others for registration to this website services:
    • (i) When registration is required to use this website service including product data download;
    • (ii) When registration is required to make inquiries to Our company regarding this website;
  • (2) When User uses the Services:
    When User uses this website services after registration, Our company acquires the following information concerning the Usage Status as information that can identify such User:
    • (i) Transaction history such as use of this website services and purchase of our products or services;
    • (ii) Inquiry history to Our company or Subsidiaries

3. Handling Based on Consent and Right to Withdraw Consent

User shall be deemed to have agreed to the handling of User's personal information when User indicates his/her consent to this Privacy Policy and Our company handles User's personal information based on such User's consent; provided, however, that User may withdraw his/her consent at any time.

4. Necessity of Providing Personal Information

Personal information provided by User is necessary for Our company to provide this website services to User, and the services may not be available to those Users who do not provide their personal information.

5. Disclosure of Personal Information

  • (1) Our company will neither disclose personal information to any third party without User's prior consent, except for the cases listed in the following paragraphs, nor sell or lend personal information to any third party in whatever the case;
  • (2) When disclosure of personal information is required by the laws or regulations, a court judgment, decision or order, or by any public agency, personal information may be disclosed to a third party within the minimum scope necessary;
  • (3) In the following cases where it is difficult to obtain the consent of User, personal information may be provided to a third party within the minimum scope necessary in relation to the use of the Services provided by Our company or the Subsidiaries:
    • (i) User is in violation of the laws, regulations or related rules and it is deemed necessary to protect a third party's or Our company's rights, property and/or the Services; or
    • (ii) It is urgently necessary since there is an imminent danger to the life, limb or property of a person.
    • (iii) When User applies for the purchase of our services or products from or applies for any other transactions with Subsidiaries, Our company will provide User's personal information obtained by it to such Subsidiaries to the extent necessary in accordance with User's instructions. Personal information provided as set forth above shall be managed by Subsidiaries. In addition to the execution of said transactions, Subsidiaries will use such personal information to improve their business operations and the Services by providing information via e-mail or other means to User after said transaction and analyzing the Usage Status of the Services by User. Our company contractually obligates the Subsidiaries to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") and to handle personal information with consideration for User's privacy. Please contact the relevant Subsidiaries for the details regarding such Subsidiary’s handling of personal information.

6. Amendment of Personal Information

  • (1) Concerning personal information, User may take procedures for: (i) confirmation; (ii) rectification, addition, deletion, and exercise of data portability right; (iii) suspension of use; and (iv) suspension of provision to Subsidiaries.
  • (2) For requests concerning certain personal information in the possession of Our company that cannot be confirmed as above, please request Our company in accordance with Section 9. For Inquiries;
  • (3) User has the right to raise an objection regarding the handling of personal information to the data protection authority of each country that has jurisdiction over the personal information related to such User.

7. Retention Period

Our company will retain User's personal information as long as it is necessary for providing this website services to User and promptly delete the same as soon as it is no longer necessary.

8. Transfer of Personal Information to Outside of the Region of EU, etc.

Our company may transfer User's personal information to any country outside the region of EU, etc., including Japan, for the purposes of use listed above. There may be cases outside the region of the EU, etc. where the rights of data subjects which are protected in the GDPR are not recognized, but Our company assures Users that sufficient measures are secured to protect each User's personal information by concluding standard contract clauses based on the GDPR.

9. For Inquiries

Please contact the following section for inquiries from User him/herself regarding personal information under the laws and regulations:

Sankyo Oilless Industory, Inc.
Administration Department
1-1-5 Nissin-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, 183-0036 Japan

10. Others

  • (1) Our company may handle personal information in a manner differing from the above in accordance with the GDPR and other related laws and regulations.
  • (2) Our company may modify all or part of this Privacy Policy. Our company will provide in clearly noticeable notification of any material modification on the website that provides the Services.


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