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Privacy Policy

Sankyo Oilless Industry, Inc., (hereinafter the “Company”) provides this Privacy Policy to work, as an organization, to guarantee the appropriate handling of personal information and personal data under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Personal Information Protection Act).

1. Compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines

The Company handles personal information and personal data appropriately in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act, other laws and regulations, and the Guidelines on the Laws and Regulations on the Protection of Personal Information and other guidelines.

2. Definition of personal information

The personal information means information about an individual that may identify the specific individual, including the name, date of birth, sex, telephone number, e-mail address, occupation, and place of employment. The personal data means personal information managed in such a way that it is available for search.

3. Purposes of use

In conducting business, the Company will collect personal information through this Website, receipt of every kind of requests, questionnaires, business negotiations, or conclusion of contracts, as well as from real estate registries, commercial registers, telephone directories and other sources that are open to the public. The personal information may be used for the following purposes:

Types of personal
Purposes of use
Information of customers, business partners and relevant parties To conduct R&D, manufacture and sales of the Company’s products, purchase of raw materials, and mechanical equipment/materials or to make transactions with other companies, etc., with which the Company has business relations
To make business communications required incidental to the above
People using information provision services through a website
To authenticate the identity of registered users at the time of or after login for use of the Website
To be automatically presented when referring to or correcting registered information or confirming the status of use of the Website
To forward registered information to another services at the direction of users
To confirm requests for catalogs and send them to users
To confirm inquiries through the Website and send every kind of e-mail
To deal with any users who violate any rules for the Website
To provide personal information to affiliated companies or agencies of the Company in accordance with [7. About joint use of personal data] to provide information at the request of users
Information of job applicants Response to inquiries about recruitment
Other affairs relating to recruitment

When using personal information for any purpose other than the above, the advance consent will be obtained. Personal information may be used by associating it with other personal information that the Company separately collects and manages.

4. Security management measures

The Company provides and complies with separate Regulations on the Handling of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information to prevent leakage, loss, and corruption of personal data and adequately manage personal data.

5. Handling of outsourcing

For smooth performance of business, the Company may outsource operations and entrust personal information to the outsourcing contractor to the extent necessary for it. In this case, the Company will adequately supervise the outsourcing contractor, including by executing a contract with the contractor concerning the handling of information.

6. Collection of personal information

When collecting personal information according to purposes of use, the Company will collect it by appropriate means to the extent necessary.

7. About joint use of personal data

The Company will use personal data that the Company handles jointly with other persons as specified below:

  • (i) Items of personal data
    •  Addresses, names, zip codes, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.
  • (ii) Scope of joint users
  • (iii) Purposes of use
    •  The same as “Purposes of use” in the section 3 above
  • (iv) Name of the person responsible for the management of said personal data
    •  Sankyo Oilless Industry, Inc.
  • (v) Compliance with relevant laws and regulations
    •  The Company obliges its affiliated companies and agencies to handle personal information in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and with consideration for the privacy of users.

8. About third party provision of personal information

The Company will not provide collected personal information to any third party, unless:

  • - The subject of personal information gives advance consent.
  • - It is outsourced to the extent necessary for the achievement of purposes of use.
  • - It is required to be provided under laws and regulations.
  • - It is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, and it is not feasible to obtain the consent of the subject of personal information.
  • - It is especially necessary for the improvement of public hygiene or promotion of the sound development of children, and it is not feasible to obtain the consent of the subject of personal information.
  • - It is necessary to cooperate with the country, local government or the like to perform business provided by laws and regulations, and obtaining the consent of the subject of personal information is likely to impede the performance of business.
  • - It is provided to a person within the scope of joint users in the section 7 above.

9. Disclosure of retained personal data

When the subject of personal information or the proxy requests disclosure of retained personal data of the subject, the Company will promptly respond to it, unless:

  • - It is likely to harm the life, body, property or other rights of the subject of personal information or any third party.
  • - It is likely to cause significant hindrance to proper operations of business of the Company.
  • - It violates laws and regulations.

The Company will respond after examination, when it is requested to make corrections, additions, or deletions of the information on the ground of incorrect contents; discontinue using or delete the information on the ground of handling in violation of laws and regulations; or discontinue providing it to third parties.

10. Deletion of personal information

When the Company finds that it is no longer necessary to keep personal information with the achievement of purposes of use, the Company will delete the personal information after the elapse of a given period. Please note that once personal information is deleted, the Company can no longer respond to any request of the subject of personal information or the proxy for disclosure or correction.

11. Inquiry, correction and deletion of personal information

When the subject of personal information wishes to make an inquiry, correction, etc. about personal information, and contacts the department in the Company or person in charge, to whom the personal information is provided (or the point of contact indicated in the Website if the information is provided through the site), the Company will promptly respond to it according to the procedure determined by the Company. In this case, the Company will verify the identity of the subject of personal information or the proxy who makes the request to preclude third parties from illegally acquiring or falsifying the personal information or engaging in similar acts. Please cooperate with the procedure.

12. Inquiry counter

If you wish to make an inquiry or consultation about personal information under laws and regulations, you can contact the following counter, whether by yourself or by proxy:

  • Sankyo Oilless Industry, Inc., General Administration Department
  • 1-1-5 Nisshin-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183-0036 Japan
  • Tel: +81-42-364-1471
  • Inquiry counter

13. About personal information collected in the Website

In addition to the purposes specified in [3. Purposes of use], the Website may collect and use the following information of visitors and users of the Website (hereinafter collectively “users”):

  • (1) About IP addresses
    • (i) The IP address means a number assigned to uniquely identify telecommunication equipment connected to the Internet (PCs, portable terminals, website servers, etc.). This enables a PC or portable terminal of a user to communicate with the server of the Website.
    • (ii) The Company will use IP addresses to prevent unauthorized access to the Website, identify the cause of a fault occurred in the server, and initiate the recovery from it.
  • (2) About cookies and web beacons
    • (i) A cookie means information sent and received between the Website and a browser visiting the Website, which identifies the browser of the user.
    • (ii) The web beacon means a small image file embedded in the Website to acquire information, which makes it possible to know whether the Website is accessed or not and the number of accesses.
    • (iii) The Company will use for the following purposes the information collected by cookies in the Website (a); the information based on (a) obtained by analysis with Google Analytics (b); and the information collected by web beacons (c); (a), (b) and (c) are hereinafter referred to as statistical information. The statistical information does not contain any information identifying any specific users (names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.).
      • - To statistically analyze the usage history of users to be used for the improvement of convenience of the Website and other purposes
      • - To customize the information presented in the Website for each user
      • - To distribute advertisements for the Company or its affiliated companies or agencies to the sites of other companies
    • (iv) The Company may provide statistical information of the Website to the ad serving company to whom distribution of advertisements is outsourced to present advertisements of the Company, etc. in the sites of other companies. Distribution of advertisements by the ad serving company can be disabled by taking the procedure for opt-out in the opt-out page of the ad serving company.
    • (v) The Company may store and refer to cookies of the Company through a third party to whom distribution of advertisements is outsourced or the site of another company in which advertisements of the Company are presented.
    • (vi) The Company may provide affiliated companies or agencies of the Company with information on browsing history of the Website (information collected using cookies and web beacons) within the following purposes of use. With the consent to provision of the information given in a website operated by the Company, etc., the Company may, within the scope of the following purposes of use, provide affiliated companies or agencies of the Company with personal information of visitors/users by linking it to the information on browsing history of the Website collected through the browser:
      • - To operate products/services handled by the Company, etc., make negotiations for them and provide them
      • - To provide information on products/services handled by the Company, etc. or on every kind of events/campaigns
    • (vii) You can configure browser settings to reject cookies or issue alert when a cookie is sent. However, without proper functioning of a cookie, you may be unable to use a service in the Website.
  • (3) About SSL (security)
    •  For the purpose of security in cases where a user sends personal information in the Website, the Company protects the user’s personal information with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer; an industry-standard security function to communicate information on the Internet by encrypting it). When a user uses an SSL-compatible browser, the personal information, sent or received, will be automatically encrypted.
  • (4) About responsibilities of users
    •  The Website may provide a link to another website. When visiting such site, a user will learn in the linked site about the handling of personal information in the linked site. The user will use the Website at his/her own responsibility. The Company will be in no way responsible for any damage whatsoever arising from use of any information acquired using personal information of the user from the Website or any other websites linked from the Website.


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