SANKYO History
1964 Established Sankyo Oilless Industry in Fuchu-shi, Tokyo for manufacture and sales of oilless metals and machine parts.
  1969 Successfully developed various solid lubricant and wear resistant alloy (SO alloy). Started manufacturing and sales.
1970 Incorporated to "Sankyo Oilless Industry, Inc.". Successfully developed oilless wear plate for stamping dies. Started manufacturing and sales.
  1971 Relocated the main office and plant to Miyoshi-cho, Fuchu-shi.
  1973 Opened the Nagoya Branch.
  1974 Established Sankyo Oilless Shoji Co., Ltd. in Toyota-shi, Aichi-ken.
  1975 Relocated the main office and plant to Nisshin-cho, Fuchu-shi. Started operation.
  1976 Developed and manufactured the bearing plates for bridges.
  1977 Established Sankyo Kizai Co., Ltd. in Fuchu-shi, Tokyo. Built the new plant in Nisshin-cho, Fuchu-shi. Started operation.
  1978 Accepted by Volkswagen AG(Germany) as their standard specification products.
Opened the Hiroshima Branch. Opened the Osaka Branch. Organized the Structural Plant Division.
  1979 Completed addition of the main office and plant.
1980 Accepted by Ford Motor Company(USA) as their standard specification products.
  1981 Joined the Japan Road Association.
Established SANKYO OILLESS Industry GmbH in Germany.
  1982 Joined the Japan Bridge Bearing Association.
  1983 Completed addition of the plant for technical research and development.
  1985 Completed the first construction of Ohtsuki Plant in Ohtsuki-shi, Yamanashi-ken. Started operation.
  1986 Completed the second construction of Ohtsuki Plant. Opened the Gunma Branch and the Kyushu Branch.
  1987 Opened the Shizuoka Branch.
Established SANKYO OILLESS Industry (USA) Corp. in USA.
  1988 Established Sankyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
  1989 Established Sankyo Technica Co., Ltd.
Established SANKYO OILLESS Industry (UK) Ltd. in UK.
1990 Established SANKYO OILLESS Iberica SL in Spain.
  1991 Built the Yamagata Plant in Tendo-shi, Yamagata-ken. Started operation.
  1992 Established SANKYO OILLESS Portugal, LDA. in Portugal.
Established SANKYO OILLESS Industry, spol. s r.o. in Czech.
  1994 Merged Sankyo Oilless Shoji Co., Ltd., Sankyo Kizai Co., Ltd. and Sankyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
Established SANKYO OILLESS South Africa (PTY) Ltd. in South Africa.
  1995 Merged the Fuchu Plant and the Ohtsuki Plant. All systems are concentrated into Ohtsuki Plant.
  1996 Established SANKYO OILLESS Makine Sanayi ve Tic. Ltd. in Turkey.
  1997 Merged Sankyo Technica Co.,Ltd.
  1999 Yamagata Plant recieved ISO certificate of ISO9001.
2000 Established SANKYO Catalunya SL in Spain.
  2001 Otsuki Plant recieved ISO certificate of ISO9001.
  2002 Yamagata Plant recieved ISO certificate of ISO9001:2000.
Established SANKYO OILLESS Industry Poluska Sp.z o.o. in Poland.
  2003 Otsuki Plant recieved ISO certificate of ISO9001:2000.
  2004 Established SANKYO OILLESS INDUSTRY (Asia) Co.,Ltd. to Bangkok in Thailand.
Established SANKYO OILLESS INDUSTRY (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd to Tianjin in China.
As a Production division (Otsuki Plant, Yamagta Plant and Technical department) Sankyo recieved ISO certificate of ISO9001:2000.
  2005 Opened the Utsunomiya Branch.
Acquired the 1st certificate under TA system of "Japan Society of Civil Engineers" for earth-quake resistant construction method by damping equipment with amplification mechanism.
  2009 SANKYO OILLESS INDUSTRY, INC. recieved ISO certificate of ISO14001:2004.
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